Ways To Upgrade Your Basic Deck Design

Deciding to put a deck on your home may lead you to the traditional designs. These are easy for a deck builder to create and give you a finished look to your home. There are ways you can upgrade your deck to create a year-round living space for entertaining and relaxing. Here are some of those upgrades and how they can benefit your design plans. 

Covered Deck

The first upgrade that can transform your outdoor living area into a year-round option is a covered deck. There are several options available to you, including a full roof. This allows you the ability to enjoy your deck through rain or shine. The covered deck will also allow you to easily build up the area and close it in if you want to at a later date. In addition, a covered deck allows you to add comfort items such as ceiling fans or misters.

Built-in Storage

A deck usually means you have outdoor furniture. This means having cushions for those pieces of furniture. You also have outdoor supplies, such as gardening tools. The issue with having these items is finding the right place to store them. Having your deck builders create built-in storage is one way to give you storage and seating at the same time. The built-in storage can be built to look like traditional seating. Inside that seating is where you can store your outdoor supplies or cushions. This helps keep the area look clean and keeps you from having to pile items in your home due to a lack of storage options. 

Ceiling Fans

Even a covered deck may not be able to keep the heat away during extreme conditions. There is one addition to your covered deck that can help. You can choose to have outdoor ceiling fans added to the deck. This can be one large fan or several small fans, depending on the size of the deck. The fans will help circulate the air and help keep the area cool. These fans allow you to enjoy a full outdoor living space during various weather conditions and temperatures. 

When you are ready to have your new deck installed, contact your area deck builders. You can give your builders the plans and work with them on upgrades and how they can build those into the original design. They may also offer suggestions for different upgrades for you to consider. 

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