Your 3 Options For Roofing Installation

The need for a new roof can strike fear in the hearts of many homeowners. They are afraid not only of the cost involved but also of their lack of knowledge regarding the process of roofing installation. Here's a little primer on how new roofing is installed and the three options you have:


Roofing can be a DIY project with a few caveats. First and foremost, many communities require a permit for re-roofing your home. While a permit is designed to protect the homeowner, it can be frustrating (and costly) to realize you need one halfway through the project. Always check with your local government's building department to see if you need a permit in your area.

Roofing can also be quite challenging for the novice DIY-er. Not only are the bundles of shingles incredibly heavy to carry up onto the roof, but the height of the roof can create risk as well. If you are not comfortable with heights or you are concerned that you will not be able to physically move the shingles around, contact a local roofing professional instead. 

Roof over

There are two components to roofing installation, removing the old shingles and installing the new ones. If you are trying to save a little money in the process, ask your roofing professional if you can do a roof over instead. A roof over, sometimes called re-roofing or an overlay, is when the new shingles are installed directly on top of the old ones. This saves you time and money because you do not have to pay for the labor to have the old shingles removed or the cost of their disposal. It should be noted that a roof over is only possible if your shingles are still firmly attached to the plywood underlayment. Most local codes also only allow this process once or twice, meaning that you can't add a third or fourth layer of shingles. You will eventually have to do a complete tear-off.


A complete tear-off is when all the shingles, roofing felt, and nails are removed from your roof in preparation for a new roof. The plywood underlayment is also thoroughly inspected and repaired, if necessary. In other words, your roofing installation professionals are starting the process with a clean slate. This is beneficial because it can expose any damage to your roof that would not have been seen during a roof over. 

Roofing does not have to be scary. You have options. Talk to a roofing installation expert today for more information.

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