Options Of Patio Covers That Will Maximize The Form And Function Of This Exterior Space

If you are looking to increase usable living space in your home without having to engage in the arduous process of knocking down walls, you could be planning on patio construction. Having a patio on your property not only provides you with a dedicated outdoor living space that can be used for relocation and entertaining, but this project will elevate the value of your property too, as more home buyers are looking for homes that come with outdoor living areas. Not to mention that once the patio is completed, you will not have to be tasked with constant upkeep, as you simply need to clean and tidy the area as needed.

Before you can make use of your patio, you must install the right cover. But with the array of patio covers in the market, choosing one option can be daunting. It does not have to be a confusing decision though. Check out the following options of patio covers that will maximize the form and function of this exterior space.

A solid patio cover

If you would like a seamless transition from the interior of your home to the exterior, a solid patio cover would be the best option for your needs. As implied by the name, this type of cover is made up of firm materials so it will have a similar function as the roof that is on your primary structure. There are several advantages that solid patio covers provide. Undoubtedly, the leading reason why solid patio covers are popular among homeowners is the all-rounded protection that they offer.

In addition to keeping the patio shaded from sunlight, this cover will also protect your exterior space from rain and snow. For maximum performance, consider insulated polycarbonate supplies that will limit thermal gain, and this keeps the patio temperatures pleasant even during the summer. The main drawback of solid patio covers is that they do not allow in as much natural illumination as their counterparts do so you would have to install custom lighting inside the patio for maximum illumination.

A latticed patio cover

Unlike solid patio covers, the lattice type is characterized by the spaces present on the structure. Typically, the timber materials utilized for the construction of latticed patio covers are arranged in a zigzag pattern. Resultantly, the finished patio cover will have multiple openings that allow sunlight to filter into the patio. The size of these openings is at your discretion as some people would like smaller shapes whereas other homeowners would prefer larger openings.

Lattice patio covers are particularly advantageous when being installed adjacent to a part of your home that does not receive adequate sunshine, as the openings will keep this part of your home well-lit and warm. Nevertheless, when it comes to weather protection, lattice covers will not keep precipitation away from this exterior living space.

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