Three Important Features That A Pool Gate Should Possess

When it comes to keeping people out of your backyard swimming pool — something that every safety-conscious homeowner should be concerned about — a fence and a gate are critical. While there are all sorts of fencing options that you can consider, it's important that you choose a gate that possesses a number of important features. People who may seek to enter the pool area, including your own children while you aren't watching, will often attempt to do so through the gate. When you have a gate that has the following features, you can be confident that it won't allow people to get close to the water.


One of the best safety features that a pool gate can offer is a lock. Even a small child can understand how to open a gate, but a lock will prevent them from being able to get through the gate. When you browse different pool gates on the market, you'll see several different lock options. Simple, affordable gates have a latch that you can secure with a padlock. Higher-end models have keypad locks that give you the ability to program a code that must be entered before the gate can unlock. This design can be preferable to a lot of homeowners, as they won't have to fumble with a padlock.

Automatic Closer

Another important safety feature that your pool gate should possess is an automatic closing mechanism. When you open the gate to walk through it, you want to be confident that the gate will close and latch behind you. This is critical because it can be easy to be distracted. For example, if you're carrying glasses and towels from the pool area toward your home after an afternoon of swimming, you might be thinking about these items instead of the gate. A gate without an automatic closer could remain open without you being aware, but this won't be a concern with a gate that always swings shut.

Climb-Proof Design

A closed and locked gate should be enough to dissuade most children from attempting to enter the pool area without you being aware. However, some determined children could attempt to climb over the gate. To thwart this effort, it's ideal if your gate has a climb-proof design. For example, a gate that has a series of vertical metal bars is ideal because this design isn't conducive to climbing. Contact a pool gate company to learn more. 

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