How To Pick The Details For Custom Wood Railing For Your Stairway

If there is one thing you can add to your multi-story home that can add a layer of unique value, it is a custom-made wooden railing for your stairway. Of course, this implement does take careful planning and prior consideration so you know your end result is the best option. Here is a look at some of the things to consider when you are working with a custom wooden railing designer to get what you want. 

How visible will the railing be?

If your stairway railing is going to be highly visible, you have to keep in mind that the railing is going to take up a lot of visual space. Therefore, every detail you pick for the railing is going to make a difference in the overall design of the space and your entire home. For example, something as simple as thicker and bulkier railings can make a stairway look more restricted, or, a squared and chunky handrail is going to have a huge influence on the overall design of the interior. On the other hand, if the wooden railing is not all that visible, you can be a little more relaxed about the smaller details without it being a huge factor in the overall design. 

How artistic do you want the railing to be?

When you have wooden railing created by a skilled professional woodworker, you can get as artistic as you really want with your wooden railing. If you want something really specific for your home and truly artistic, that is something that you can likely choose. For example, if you want vines carved into the primary handrail or you want a checkerboard patterned railing, this may be something the woodworker can help you achieve. There are so many cool ways you can make a wooden railing for your stairway unique to your home and your artistic tastes. 

What kind of wood color would you like?

One of the big things to pick out when working with a designer to create custom wooden railing is what color you want the railing to be. Some homeowners prefer the natural wood look, many prefer wood that is darker or more rich and golden, and some people will prefer their wooden railing to be painted. Whatever it is you have in mind, talk it over with the woodworker to determine what will work best in collaboration with the designs you want. 

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If there is one thing you can add to your multi-story home that can add a layer of unique value, it is a custom-made wooden railing for your stairway.

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