Custom Countertops Can Transform Your Home Bar

Transform your home bar into an entertaining masterpiece with custom countertops. Whether you entertain rarely or frequently, the perks of a custom countertop for your bar area can help you create a stylish and functional space that you can enjoy for years to come. Learn about some of the awesome features a unique countertop option can introduce to your bar space.

Unique Coverage

A custom design opens the door to unique countertop coverage options. Oftentimes, countertops follow straight angles, and occasionally, you might see a countertop with softer rounded angles. However, a custom option lets you design the look, whether you want a wavy-like pattern or a countertop that is wider in some areas and slimmer in others; it's up to you. 

Ice Chests

You can keep the party going with a built-in ice chest. With a custom option, you can line the countertop with a small opening where you can place ice and whatever beverages you want to keep up close for easy access. If you aren't planning to man the bar, the addition of a built-in ice chest lets you sit back and relax, but also keeps everyone happy. 

Extendable Options

A custom option can give you a great deal of flexibility in terms of the size of the countertop space. For example, if you only need a little bar space when it's just you and the family, but for special events, you need more space, you can have a countertop designed with an extendable feature. With this option, a separate countertop is built under the main surface that you can roll out when you need to increase space. 

Added Lighting

You can make your custom design more attractive with built-in underside lighting. For example, if you want to create a nautical theme, the countertop could be designed with acrylic elements. To create the illusion of water, small blue lights could be installed on the underside to shine through the acrylic and give it a water-like appearance. Even if you just want to use a unique material for the countertop, such as rocks, and want to showcase them, the addition of lighting can help with the goal. 

While these custom options are awesome for your bar area, they are great for other areas of your home, too. If you'd like to go further with a custom countertop design and need assistance, a custom design specialist can help you create just the layout for your space and help you with the entire installation process.  

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