Staging A Park Model

When you are staging a park model, you want to stage it in a way that welcomes people home. From the moment they drive up to the unit until the time they exit it, they should feel as if they can see their family living in it. This is going to help you to move those units much faster. Here are some of the tips that you are going to want to keep in mind while you are staging the park model.

Create a larger looking yard

The chances are that the park model will have a small yard, as most units in parks do. Even though the potential buyer will realize they are looking at a model, they will still be excited to see a large yard. There are some tricks you can do to help a yard to look larger. Keep most of the foliage around the edges of the yard. If you do have bushes in the yard, make sure there aren't too many and that they are small in size and circumference. The grass should be mowed short, and it should be in great shape, having a bright green color. If the grass isn't bright green and there isn't enough time to fix it, you can have a professional come out to paint the grass with non-toxic grass paint.

Keep the furniture small

You want to make the park model look as spacious as possible on the inside. You can achieve this by making some wise decorating choices. Choose a small sofa and a chair for the living room instead of a full-sized sofa and a loveseat. Choose a small coffee table and a small end table, or even two end tables and no coffee table. While it's great to hang a couple of large pictures on the wall, you want to refrain from setting out too many knick-knacks because this can help to make a small area look very cluttered.

Keep countertops as bare as possible

When it comes to the countertops in the bathroom and the kitchen you want to keep the décor to a minimum. The more that you display on them, the more you will be taking away from the space people are going to see when they are looking at those areas. You also want to keep a lot of décor off of other tops, such as the tops of the tables and other surfaces.

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