Three Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair

The high temperatures that come with the summer months can make the interior of your home a scorching and uncomfortable place to spend your days. Fortunately, an efficiently and effectively working air conditioning unit is able to keep your home cool and comfortable no matter how hot the temperature outside may be. Knowing the early warning signs associated with mechanical issues with your air conditioner can help you proactively contact a HVAC specialist for home air conditioner repair before it breaks completely.

Unit Cycling

A common indicator that your air conditioning unit is not working as effectively as it could be and is in need of professional repair is if you notice that your air conditioner cycles, which refers to the unit constantly turning on and off. This is usually because your unit is having a hard time maintaining the temperature set by the thermostat, which can be because of a loss of refrigerant, damage to the fan, a blockage in your ductwork, or a whole host of other mechanical problems. Having a professional inspect the entirety of your air conditioning system can pinpoint the cause of the cycling so that it can be addressed effectively.

Lack of Air Flow

If you notice that there is no air coming out of your home's vents and ductwork, you likely are facing one of two issues: either the motor for your system's blower and fan has died, in which case the fan needs to be replaced, or the ductwork and air conditioner are clogged with dust and other airborne debris. Cleaning out your air filter, and having a professional clean your ductwork, vents, and air intake can get things flowing again—which is a more involved process than simply replacing the fan.

Warm Air

In a somewhat related vein, if you find that the air that is leaving your vents is not properly chilled, your air conditioning unit may have suffered from a refrigerant leak at some point. This means that the mechanical operation of your unit is fine, but it lacks the chemicals to actually cool down the air that it is moving throughout your home. A professional will be able to find the point of the leak and repair it before filling your system back up with refrigerant.

Increased Energy Bills

Finally, even if none of the above symptoms have affected your air conditioner system, but you've noticed a massive increase in your energy bills during the summer months, you should still have a professional come in to inspect your unit. Something is forcing it to run more often than it should be, increasing your utility bills without changing your interior comfort levels, and an inspection will be able to identify the underlying issue.

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