Light It Up Against Intruders: How Rechargeable LED Lights Keep You Safe

Yard lights are coming into season. Strings of clear or brightly-colored orb lights and garden stake lights are for sale everywhere. Yet, homeowners never stop to consider these lights as more than decorative. As a homeowner yourself, you should consider rechargeable LED light bulbs, solar light garden stakes, and outdoor power failure lights as a means of protection. Here is how all of these light options can prevent home invasion and protect you after the intruders have already broken into the house.

Use Color-Coded Strings of Garden Lights

Use clear garden light strings just to light up the yard and prevent prowlers. Most prowlers will try to sneak in the back way because then they will not be spotted by neighbors from the front of the house. If there is too much light, prowlers, intruders, peeping toms, and other dangerous villains will avoid your yard completely. 

Additionally, consider stringing all red garden lights around the perimeter of your backyard and along the sides and front of your yard, too. If and when an intruder ever manages to make it inside your home, flip the switch that controls the strings of red garden lights. All of the neighbors whom you told about this warning system will immediately know to call the police because you have an intruder. It is a silent alarm system that is so ingenious your intruder will not realize it before it is too late. 

Install Power Failure Lights over the Windows

The next thing you should do is to install motion detection power failure lights over the tops of every window. These lights are installed outside so that whenever there is a power failure, and an intruder trying to break in, the motion sensors in these lights will light up that window brighter than a street light. No amount of power failures will stop these lights because they are battery-controlled. For a little extra, you can buy the solar ones.

Use Rechargeable Garden Stakes EVERYWHERE

These lights require no batteries and no cords. They have small solar panels built into their tops that collect the day's sun rays and convert it to solar power. At dusk, the lights are triggered and begin to turn on. They glow brighter and brighter the darker it becomes outside. A prowler or an intruder would have to pull all of these out of your yard or cover them with darkening cloths or bags to stop their light. That alone would be suspicious-looking enough for someone to call the police.

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