Having A Gazebo Built? Consider These Features

While smaller landscaping companies can mow your lawn, remove snow in the winter, and build walkways, those that are larger can commonly take on bigger projects such as the construction of gazebos. Adding this type of structure to your backyard can dramatically improve its appearance, provide a perfect spot for you, your family, and your guests to dine and hang out outdoors, as well as even raise the value of your property when you list it for sale. Having a custom gazebo built gives you the option of considering a variety of exciting features, including these:

Built-In Power

Gazebos don't commonly include electrical outlets, but when you're having this structure custom built, you can opt for this convenience. By mounting one or more outlets in the gazebo and running underground wires to connect to your home's power box, your landscaper will give you a gazebo that's the toast of the neighborhood. Power will allow you to set up an outdoor stereo system, overhead lights, and other amenities that you'll appreciate using in the months and years ahead.

Protection From Various Annoyances

Your landscaping service can also build your custom gazebo to protect you from various outdoor annoyances. Not all gazebos that you buy are enclosed, which means that mosquitoes can bother you when you're sitting outside at dusk, and flies and bees can be attracted to the area when you're eating meals or snacks. Your custom gazebo can be entirely screened in, including a screen door, so that once you're inside it, the pests will be kept out. Another feature to consider is sun shades. When the sun is overhead, the gazebo's roof will protect you. However, when the sun is low, it may shine directly in your eyes. Pull-down shades around the gazebo can allow you to block out the sun when needed.

Pool-Related Features

If you're having your gazebo built next to your backyard swimming pool, water-related features can often tie the two areas together. High-end landscaping services can connect the pool with the gazebo by having water flow up to the roof of the gazebo with pumps, and then cascade over the side of the structure to provide a waterfall feature. The gazebo can additionally be equipped with colored floodlights that aim down to the water, giving the entire area a pleasant glow at night. Talk to your professional landscaper about these ideas and others to ensure that you have a gazebo that suits your needs.

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