Keeping Your Landscape Looking Nice: Easy Tips To Follow

You want your yard to always look amazing. One way you can do this is by doubling your efforts on landscape maintenance to maximize its beauty. Here are tips you can use to keep your landscape looking amazing at all times of year.

Water your lawn appropriately

There are better times to water your lawn than others. This is because the high heat of the sun will evaporate water that is sprayed on your yard before it has a chance to soak into the earth. To keep your grass looking beautiful, always water your lawn in the late evening or early morning where water has a chance to soak into plant roots so they can thrive.

Keep lawn mower blades sharp

You likely mow your lawn several times during the spring and summer. To keep your grass looking green and healthy, make sure you use sharp blades every time you mow. Your lawn mower blades can tear and dull grass otherwise, killing off its tips and making your lawn look yellowed as a result.

Move furniture often

If you keep furniture or equipment out on your grass, such as a trampoline, lawn chairs and other items, move them frequently. If your grass does not have access to oxygen and sunlight it will die, so moving your belongings from the grass or to different locations on your lawn often helps keep all your grass alive.

Fill in dead spots

Your grass can die for many reasons: casual wear and tear, lack of sunlight, or even disease. Fill in dead or rough patches with grass seed or sod to help fill in your lawn. Some areas may need to be tilled by your landscaper first so you can have optimum growth. You can seed all through the spring to the fall as long as you water the areas often and don't plant seed when there is a frost coming.

Keep your yard tidy

Kids' toys, garden hoses, yard tools, and even debris can cause your yard to look cluttered. Keep bins or storage units available for putting items away. Not only does a clean yard look more presentable, it's more fun to play in as well and limits cleanup time when it is time to mow.

There are many ways you can protect your landscape so it always looks amazing. With a little bit of care and maintenance your yard can always carry the right curb appeal.

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