Make Beautiful Displays With Custom Frames

Artwork can really drive the décor in any room. However, the art isn't the only aspect of beautiful wall displays. The frames you choose play an integral part in creating beauty. It's also possible to add other elements to create a unique gallery wall. Gather your artwork, and transform your blank walls into conversation pieces.

Choose the Artwork

Artwork ranges from family photos to original works of art. When you're choosing the pieces for a specific display, try to keep a cohesive theme in mind. For instance, perhaps you have a collection of photos from a family vacation. Look around for other art pieces that reflect the destination.

Another way to create cohesion is by adhering to a color palette, especially when you're displaying works of art. Match the paintings to the décor palette, or vice versa. Likewise, stay within the same basic art style.

Have the Art Framed

Custom framing is the way to go for your wall displays. Before you have the artwork framed, consider the effect you're going for. If you want the art to be the focus, look for minimalist frames.

However, a popular convention is creating gallery walls with a collection of pictures and other items. To maintain cohesion, you could still have the artwork framed the same. However, another option is sticking to a color palette or material choice. For example, you might choose a selection of different frames in stained wood. By adhering to a color or material palette, you can group different styles of frames while maintaining a cohesive effect.

Contact a company like Direct Wholesale Framing to learn more options for custom framing.

Add Other Elements

Attractive wall displays don't have to consist of artwork alone. Indeed, a trend in creating gallery walls is adding different elements. These could be wooden cutouts, statues on a shelf, or even jewelry.

As with the framing, you have to choose a repeated design element to maintain cohesion. This can still be a color or material palette. Another option is sticking to a theme, such as adding mementos to your family vacation display. It's also possible to repeat shapes, for example adding a circular mirror and porthole to echo the shape in artwork.

Plan Out the Display

Once you have your collection of artwork and other display items, it's time to play out the hanging. Better Homes and Gardens suggests using craft paper to plan out your display. Trace your items onto the paper, and tape it to the wall in the desired configuration. Another method for planning is to lay out the items themselves in front of the target wall and play around with the configuration until you get a pleasing one.

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