Don't Waste Your Rain Water: 4 Reasons You Need Rain Chains

If you love the sound of the rain but hate the watery mess, you need rain chains in your yard. Unlike rain gutters, rain chains divert water from your home with grace and beauty. In fact, the sound of the water flowing down your rain chains can be relaxing and peaceful. Here are just four reasons you should have rain chairs in your yard:

Can be Used Without Gutters

One of the many benefits of rain chains is that they can be used without gutters. That means you don't have to go to the expense of having gutters installed on your home to use rain chains. Because rain chains can divert water away from your home, you'll still get the waterproofing benefit without the expense of gutters. If you do have gutters on your home, you can use your rain chains in place of your down spouts.

Can be Used in All Weather

If you live in a region that experiences freezing temperatures, rain chains are right for you. Rain gutters can freeze during the winter, creating ice dams that can damage your roof. However, rain chains will not cause ice dams. Instead, the water will continue flowing down the rain chains, keeping it away from your roof. As the water freezes, it will form ice on your rain chains, however, the ice won't form under your shingles. Instead, the water will freeze and melt throughout the winter, creating beautiful icicles for you to watch. When spring arrives, the ice will melt, and drain safely away from your home.

Can be Used to Water Your Gardens

Another benefit of rain chains is that they can be used to water your gardens. As it rains, the water is sent down the chains and into your gardens. Because you don't need gutters for your rain chains, you can hang them anywhere in your yard, including on your eaves, or along your patios.

Can be Used to Fill Your Rain Barrel

If you live in an area where it's legal to collect rain water, you need rain chains. All you need to do is set up a rain chain so that it drains directly into a rain barrel. The water that flows down the chain will be clean because it doesn't have to pass through dirty rain gutters to get there. You can use the water you collect in your rain barrels to water your gardens or to place in bird baths throughout your yard. In emergency situations, you can sanitize the water to wash your dishes with or to bathe in.

Don't waste the rain water. Enjoy the many benefits of rain chains throughout your yard.

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