3 Reasons to Have Your Trees Pruned

One of the most important maintenance tasks, when you have trees anywhere on your property, is pruning, mostly because pruning is the best way to keep the trees healthy and to prevent them from becoming a danger to the rest of your property. Listed below are three reasons to have your trees pruned.

Prevent the Spread of Disease

One of the most important functions that tree pruning can provide is that it can prevent the spread of disease. In many cases, a tree that has contracted a disease can often be saved if the disease is focused in a particular branch or set of branches. In that situation, the tree service can simply remove the afflicted limbs before the disease reaches the trunk of the tree, which is vital because once the disease reaches the trunk it may be impossible to save the tree.

In addition, by removing the afflicted limbs before the disease advances too far, you can actually protect the rest of the trees on your property. The reason for this is that diseases can spread from tree to tree quite quickly if the diseased limbs or diseased tree is not removed from your property as soon as possible.

Protect Your Home

Another reason to have your trees pruned is that it can actually protect your home. For example, if you have a tree on your property that is quite close to your home or has grown taller than your home, then there is a chance that the tree could lose a limb or be toppled by a major storm. At that point, the tree could easily cave-in a portion of your roof, shatter windows, or destroy some of your roof tiles or shingles if you do not have a tree service either remove the tree from the proximity of your home entirely or simply trim back some of the larger limbs so that they are not in contact with your home or hanging over your home.

Improve Fruit Production

Finally, you will want to hire a tree pruning service in order to improve fruit production if you have fruit bearing trees on your property. The reason for this is that when you prune your trees, you are actually going to make the entire tree less prone to disease, which means that it is more likely to be healthy enough to produce more fruit. In addition, when a tree is pruned, spurs are left behind on the tree that will be very likely to grow and bear fruit, which further increases the fruit production capabilities of the tree.

Contact a tree service today through resources like http://www.edmondstree.com to discuss the various benefits that having your trees pruned can provide and to determine if your trees are in need of pruning. You will want to have your trees pruned because it can prevent the spread of disease, protect your home, and improve fruit production.

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